Unusual travelling…

If you want to travel from Germany to the Faroe Islands you’ll normally use an aircraft. If you travel like family Ziegler is there an other option possible.

1000 kilometre by car from here to Hirtshals in the North of Denmark for example. 1 kilometre from the parking area by foot to the ferry-terminal and 73 nautical miles by an ocean-going catamaran to Kristiansand in the south of Norway. 500 meters to the bus stop and 330 kilometre to Oslo by a long-distance bus. In Oslo you must change the bus and after 500 kilometre you’ll arrive Trondheim.

Now it’s time to go on a sailing ship and you have also enjoy to sail the Norwegian coast along to Kristiansund (not Kristiansand, do you remember?). Than you must leave Norway and cross the Northern Sea 235° (south-west) along oil platforms at the port side (left-hand-side) and nothing at the starboard-side (right-hand-side). After 350 nautical miles you’ll arrive the Shetland Islands. Here is English spoken and it is very beautiful here. But our destination is 250 nautical miles (north-west) away.

The Faroe Islands are worth to a visit. A fantastic landscape but the local kitchen is completely strange. Many of “gourmet food” are from the native sheep’s which are died for a very long time. You must drink a lot of beer before you go eat one of the native “delicacies” which are smelling like a violation of death…

Now it is time to travel home, but how? It is very easy.

You go aboard on a ferry from Thorshavn to Hirthals. Do you remember? Our car is still waiting on the parking area in Denmark.

In sum up I can say, travelling like family Ziegler is always unusual

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